Strength to stand after it all.



This past week on Because Women are Amazing we had a wonderful guest Rhachelle Nicol. She came to discuss domestic violence. How she overcame and took charge of her life again. Rhachelle shared her struggle while in her relationship she suffered mental, financial and other abusive tactics to ensure that she would stay. Rhachelle is a mom of beautiful children, and her parents are ministers, and missionaries. This contributed to her staying due to shame, and the fear of what others would think.

Rhachelle has a background in psychology and explained the cycle of violence, and how one could find themselves in a situation of domestic violence. She explained how she struggled with leaving, and when she left she still felt connected and called. Through prayer, and realizing that she could indeed do it to save herself, and her children she moved forward without looking back.

Rhachelle started a program to help others heal, as she was healing, learning, growing, and cultivating her gifts. This is how I show my scars so that others can heal the brand began. Rhachelle partakes in open forums in which domestic violence in candidly discussed. This remains a discussion that most wont want to touch. Domestic Violence affects us all and more advocacy, and awareness is being brought to the table.

Rhachelle testimony is endearing, and she stands strong to uplift others who may be experiencing it. Join her as she shows her scars at www.
Join us next week for another amazing show.


Give and Receive

This past show on Because women are amazing was insightful we were enriched by Shannon and Raquel of 4Humanitees. They shared with us their passion, and excitement for what they do. We were also given business tips for our audience who desire to start their own companies. One of the things these two great women shared is that you must have a clear vision, and plan in order for things to work.

Shannon and Raquel have established a great personal and business relationship. They met at college, and explained that as friends when you are in business it always important to reach back at revisit why you started in order to stay on track. These ladies provide their own trendy t-shirts, and extend these services to companies looking to deliver a profound message.

If you missed the show you can check it out on

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Innocent cries


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This past show on Because Women are Amazing we were astonished by our guest Ana who is a foster care mom who now has adopted three daughters. Ana shed light on our foster care, and adoption system, as well as the affects of children drug adicted parents.

Ana has had her share of foster children, she completed the requirements, and background checks, and was thrown right into duty. There is a major difference in the assistance received when you are a foster parent, or adoptee. As a foster parent your children are most likely asigned a services worker, and provided services to further meet the needs of the child. When you adopt these services are no longer available it is on the parents to find resources.

Children of drug addicted parents suffer from many different ailments, loe birth weight, ADHD, behavioral, attachment, detachment issues. The are neglected by the parents who are actively using, or have no parenting skills. Ana has ideas on how to provided resources, and classes for the parents to promote growth, and stability especially if they are still going to be in their childrens lives. Children are innocent and all they need is love, Ana is providing these three young ladies with the love they deserve.

Ana would like to start a support group for foster, and adoptive parents, discussing their rights, options, opportunities, hardships, and building a support group. We look forward to hearing more from her. Join us next week as we speak with Shannon, and Raquel of 4Humanitees as they discuss how they are helping people.




Children are a gift from God, when we are blessed with children of our own it is our responsibility to care for them. Throughout our history children have been neglected for many reasons. Some have been abandoned by their parents due to the lack of socio economic reasons. Some are neglected, and could have been potentially harmed prior to drug, and or alcohol abuse.

There are many different reports, and theories that support information that drug, and alcohol can cause some birth affects i.e. alcohol fetal sydrome, ADHD, low birth weight, cognitive deficiencies, behavioral problems etc. Some women use drugs through their whole pregnancy either resulting in still born, miscarriage. If a child is born to a addicted mother the child continues to suffer due to not having their needs met resulting in the second phaze of neglect.

In our society our social welfare, and court system is usaully involed when they are aware of a situation such as these. Usually at birth social workers are trained, and assigned to follow up on suspected cases. Depending upon the parents willingness, and desire to comply, and adhere to treatment, and showing that they can provide a conducive living arrangement for the child. Temporary, and or permanent placement our options to prevent children from falling through the cracks.

Join us on Because Women Are Amazing as Ana shares her story and first hand account of raising children who mother was drug addicted at their birth.

In Tact Families

As we wrapped up the final show in Because Women are Amazing with the irp6 wives it was a bitter sweet moment This past show we were captivated by Yolanda Walker who has been married for over 20 years, and never seperated from her husband. She realized that this unjust ruling has unexpextantly brought her, and her husband bond even closer. She is concerned for the health of her son, as he misses his father, role model, and best friend. This conviction has caused her sons seizures to increase at the times of the visits due to anxiety, and stress.

To review the case we have learned that six gentleman (minority) started thier own business building software to protect the country from terrorism. This company was successful, and competitive. Something went wrong, what? We may never know. The FBI came in with a warrant to review records, but instead took all computer information. Resulting in an indictment, and conviction for a crome that was never committed.

Left behind are wives, and their children to pick up the pieces after a sytem has failed them. We have learned from these women, and children that no one is safe, we learned that the family must go on, and stay strong. These women are supported by their community, and church support. They all have band together to clear their husbands of all wrong doing.

These children are all products of an intact family, and the trauma of this case has left a stain that will be forever etched in their hearts, and subconcious minds. How will they heal, who can they trust, when will justice be served.

To serve or not to serve, that is the question!


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This previous show on Because Women are Amazing we had a captivating chat with Tesia Barnes another wife of the irp6 left behind to deal with the injustice of her husband. Tesia was very knowledgable about the case, and the legal ramifications surrounding it. She explained how the FBI came in to conduct a raid, given a warrant for one thing, and took it upon themselves to search for things not present on the warrant.

Tesia does not have children, she cares for the couples family pet. She is a graduate of the Airforce Academy, and was raised in a way that she thought America was based on the principles of justice. It is very hard for her to look at America in a good way. She express her fears, and disdain. She is very active in her church and Ajust Cause organizatiins to fight for the rights of these six gentleman. It was a eye opening conversation, and a teachable moment for all of us. The question that came to me was how do we protect ourselves from injustice. What do you do when you find your self in this predicament? We must be aware because and educated, and we must protect our families.

Please join us this up coming week as we finalize the discussion, and awareness of the irp6. We will be speaking to Yolanda Walker as she discusses her role as an irp wife with a child who is now ill. Remember the work doesn’t stop after the show, justice is a fight we all can partake in.

Picking up the pieces…


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Life brings along its own sets of challenges. We live in a world that promises us that we will be fruitful, and multiply, and that we are free to be ourselves. Throught are history no matter what part of the world you originate from we can se the discrepancy in those statements.

As children we are told, and taught that we can achieve great things, we are fed parts, and untruths about our history. It is not until the inequality, or hurtful truths are thrust into our homes that we seem to care. As we have been discussing the wives and families of the irp6 case we are discovering the whole picture. Not only have these gentlemans lives has been unduly altered, but their families are left behind to pick up the pieces left behind.

How do you adjust after such tragedy, how do you keep the family intact when your spouse is paying for a crime not committed. Through faith, support, and a beliefin the world that does not yet exist.

These are things you need to ask yourself because we never know how the pendulum will swing. Please join us as Teisia Barnes shares her life after the irp6 disaster on can find more info on

Family First

images-4What a heart wrenching, thought provokung show we had this past week with Tasha Harper. One of the wives of the irp6 came and shared her story with the world. Tasha was very authentic in her sharing, she spoke directly from the heart as she gave us a look into her family dynamics before, and after the sentencing.

Tasha’s children has been directly affected by their fathers wrongful convition. She shared how her daughter began to experience health issues, headaches, and hypertension. And how her son experienced detachment issues, along with other struggles. Tasha maintains a balance through her faith in God, supporting her husband, and her personal support system.

Tasha shows the world her strength, and her determination to protect her family while pursuing justice for them all. It was soothing to here how supportive the women, and the children are of each other. Tasha exudes resilience and chooses to keep her family first.

Join us on Because Women are amazing next week as we speak to Tesia Barnes another wife of the irp6. Remember it takes a villiage to raise a child.

Le’Andria Johnson: Chats With 30+ Bloggers about Marriage, Family, Faith, Music and Ministry

Rhachelle Nicol'

Le'Andria JohnsonLe’Andria Johnson, Sunday Best Season 3 winner, Grammy and two time Stellar Award winner has been an open book since she first auditioned in flip flops and socks after losing her home. Now Le’Andria Johnson is going to get personal in an exclusive virtual press conference with 30+ bloggers.  She will be answering questions about marriage, family, music ministry, faith and more.


On September 19th Wednesday, September 25th @ 1pm EST you could be one of those bloggers to join her on the line and have your questions answered as well as those of your faithful readers. If you are an inspirational, music, marriage, family, lifestyle or Christian blogger this opportunity would be great for you. I will be your moderator for this exclusive event. To participate, send an email to rn @ rhachellenicol (dot) com and include the following information:

UPDATE: All dates through October 6th are…

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Vowing to protect our children

The children are our future, they hold the keys to the advancement of our society. It is our duty to protect, nuture, educate, and keep them safe. In these perilous times we are seeing families broken not only by social economical hardships, poverty, and lack of support. But we see this with the injustices and inequality that is thrust upon families according to their, gender, race, class etc.

What do we do to save our little children who are innocent in nature, and understandung. Pure at heart, how do you explain the absence of a parent do to incarceration. How do you further explain that the absence is due to a justice system that failed. Children express themselves through many different ways so become withdrawn, act out, or become stressed. What do we do as a parent to protect the emotional needs of our children while nursing the wounds of our own.

How do you help your child cope with birthdays, parents day, and the look of pain, an a unfilled void in their eyes. These are questions that we all should ask ourselves, and search for proactive ways to protect the innocent hearts of children who will one day lead us into a utopia.

This week as we continue to support and bring awareness to the irp6 case we will hear from Tasha Harper who will share her story as a loving wife fighting for justice of her husband while protecting her children. Join us on Captivating Chats